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Susanne Ekberg-Carlsson
Lawyer, partner

Annelie Falk Möller
Lawyer, partner

Carl Järnberg
Lawyer, partner

Moa Löfgren

Cornelia Gunnarsson


Information on processing of personal data
You will find Carlsson & Co Advokatbyrå’s information on processing of personal data here.

Legal aid and litigation
The possibility of obtaining legal protection to cover the costs of a dispute will be investigated in the first instance. The conditions for legal protection can vary between different insurance companies. For example, excess amounts can vary between insurance companies. We will help you identify any opportunities that you or your company have to obtain legal protection and utilise such opportunities in the case of a dispute
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In the event of a dispute, you as a private individual or your company can often be entitled to legal protection to pay for solicitors’ fees, etc. As a private individual, you may be entitled to compensation in the form of legal aid from the state. We can help you investigate your options for obtaining legal protection or applying for legal aid.

Sveriges advokatsamfund, Box 27321, 102 54 Stockholm, Sweden