Legal expertise for your company

Is your company involved in a legal dispute? Is the other party refusing to do the right thing?
Our lawyers have many years’ experience of dispute resolution and advice relating to business law.

Banking and finance

We have extensive documented experience and expertise of consultancy relating to banking and finance law. We can help to establish and evaluate contract conditions. We can also help by evaluating credit commitments and negotiating with customers.

Our employees have extensive knowledge relating to all matters concerning collateral rights, such as surety, guarantees and mortgages. We can perform analyses and act in insolvency situations. Our experienced lawyers can initiate and manage prompt and competent court processes when all other options for negotiation have been exhausted. Our employees are also employed as experts by credit companies in connection with disputes.

Bankruptcy and insolvency

matters. We provide guidance to both companies and private individuals in matters pertaining to liquidation procedures, composition procedures, voluntary reconstructions and bankruptcies and can assist in connection with court processes relating to credit and insolvency matters.

Business law

We can assist you with any legal issues that arise within your company. We can establish business and company agreements. We have extensive experience of providing support relating to negotiations and legal proceedings. Our many years of experience relating to business disputes will help you find a solution specifically tailored to the needs and wishes of your company.

We can assist by providing advice and representation if your company is involved in a dispute.


Our employees have many years’ experience of contract law and of representing both clients and contractors. We can assist you with legal contracts and in connection with inspections and negotiations.

We can assist with contract disputes both via an ordinary court of law and via arbitrational tribunals.

Property law

We provide professional legal advice relating to both commercial and private property purchases. Our capable staff are familiar with matters relating to tenancy rights and tenant-owned apartments. We analyse, investigate and set up lease agreements and other legal property agreements. We can also assist with other types of property cases concerning planning and building and shoreline protection. We act as representatives in property disputes, tenancy disputes and disputes relating to tenant-owned apartments.

Dispute resolution

We have extensive experience of conflict management and dispute resolution in all areas of law that we cover. Strategies are prepared based on the specific needs of clients. In cases where an amicable solution cannot be reached, we represent both companies and private individuals in the legal process. We have a broad range of skills and handle disputes before the ordinary courts of law and administrative and arbitration tribunals. We have extensive experience of dispute resolution in specialist courts, e.g. via the land and environmental courts and the Swedish Water Supply and Sewage Tribunal.