Legal expertise for private individuals

Do you need to write a will and get inheritance advice? Are you in need of legal assistance relating to a divorce or estate division? Our lawyers have many years’ experience of family law and other matters pertaining to private law.

Family law

Our employees have many years’ experience and expertise in all areas of family law. We provide advice and take on assignments as representatives in custody disputes and disputes relating to where children will live and access rights.

We can assist you in matters relating to child maintenance contributions and other financial aspects of family law. We can help you draw up legal agreements such as prenuptial agreements, partnership agreements and deed of gift documents. If you are involved in a dispute relating to a divorce or your relationship breaks down, we can provide you with prompt and tailored advice.

We can help you set up a will or a deed of gift document and give you inheritance advice. We are regularly hired by the courts as property division executors and estate administrators and act as representatives in connection with the division of estates and inheritance disputes.

Divorce and property division

Many practical and legal matters must be resolved in connection with separation or divorce. Such matters include the way in which property is divided, personal property, tax issues or who can continue to live in a shared property. Our experts can help you through the entire process of separation or divorce.

We will provide you with professional advice and act as representatives in connection with property division. If you are unable to reach an agreement in a separation, we can help you apply for a property division executor or security of residential possession for a shared property. Our employees are regularly employed by the courts as executors in property division cases.

Inheritance and wills

Wills, deed of gift documents and enduring power of attorneys are good ways of regulating the way in which your property is to be divided in the event of your death. We can help you draw up any necessary documents to reflect your wishes.

We also represent heirs of decedent estates in inventories of estates, act in inheritance disputes and are regularly appointed as estate administrators and estate distributors by the courts. We assist our clients throughout the entire process, e.g. in connection with communication with public authorities and private institutions and in the event of disputes before a court.

Criminal cases

We can act as public defence counsels regardless of the crime you are suspected of, including economic crimes. We will safeguard your rights and participate in police interviews, custody negotiations and trials.

Our criminal case lawyers are appointed for both public and private defence. We have many years’ experience of assignments involving acting as counsel and will assist you through the entire process, e.g. in connection with interviews, establishing claims for damages and in connection with trials

Social law

Our staff have long been in demand as public counsels in cases relating to the Swedish Young Persons Act (LVU), the Swedish Act on the Care of Alcoholics and Substance Abusers (LVM), the Swedish Compulsory Psychiatric Care Act (LPT) and the Swedish Psychiatric Care Act (LRV). Our lawyers have many years’ experience of processes at administrative courts and act as experts in government investigations in compulsory care cases.

We will give you the best conceivable assistance and guidance in connection with communication with the public authorities and court processes.

International private law

We can assist you in relation to agreements and disputes that have an international aspect. This could for example relate to agreements between people who are living in different countries or who are about to move abroad.

Our experts have extensive knowledge and experience of cases involving the illegal abduction and repatriation of children under the Hague Convention and the Brussels II Regulation. Such disputes require an insight into and knowledge of international private law and strong language skills. With us, you will gain access to the expertise you need, as well as an extensive global contact network.